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Our Roles Regarding Gaza Holocaust Crisis

Our Roles Regarding Gaza Holocaust Crisis

At least 573 Palestinians have been killed and 2,470 injured since the war started. It is compulsary for us to do something to save our brothers and sister in Palestine. It is also compulsary for us to defend our first Qiblah; masjidil Aqsa from being occupied by the Zionist Regime. Some of the simple role that we can play regarding this issues are listed as below:

1. Make Du'a

Du'a is the main weapon for every single muslims. Making du'a is the least that we have to do as muslims showing that we care of our brothers and sisters in Gaza. It can be performed anytime and anywhere not limited after the 5 times daily prayer only. make du'a sincerely and believe that it's heard by the Almighty, InsyaAllah it will be fulfilled

2. Educate our friends, family & Ourselves regarding the issue

Many people still doesn't have clear understanding regarding the issue of Palestine and Israel. Their mindset seems to be influenced by bias information gained form the western media which support the zionist movement. Hence, it is our role to educate them with what is the real situation happening there.

Focusing on the history of Israel seems to be effective way to educate them as it is clearly showing that Israel is an illegal country.

3. Organize Awareness Session

Organizing awareness Session can be conducted in variuos way such as table talk, distributing flyers, opening booth at campus or public places, and organizing a formal talk. You can do it base on your creativity and capacity.

Various sources can be used to obtained information on the issue and if you want to organize an awareness talk, you can kindly contact Aman Palestin Berhad for the speaker. They have many experienced speaker regarding the issue of Palestine.

4. Voice out our views by words and writing

To win the heart of every single human in the earth regarding the issue, we need to express it by voicing it out or wiritng our opinion regarding the issue. Bias news and information from media that support the zionist movement seems to be dominance and used as the main sources of information by most of the people.

Therefore, it is very important for us to provide them with the truth and alternative point of view regarding the issue by expressing it in every single way that we can think of.

5. Boycott Israel Product

Boycott have been proven to be an effective way in paralysing the economy of targeted country. Denmark and Holland suffer from billion of losses in their daily income caused by boycott that is performed by the muslims worldwide before.There are 1.6 muslims worldwide, and most of them still consume products that is manufactured, developed and researched at that illegal country. Imagine what happen if all of us stop buying their product ?

One dollar that we contribute to Israel is equal to one bullets that will be shot from their rifle.List of Product that we should boycott can be found in www.inminds.co.uk

6. Monetary Contribution

Gaza need funds in buying foods, medicine and developing the infrastructure again. It is our responsibility as a muslim to help them by at least donating a small amount of money so then it will reduce their suffer. Contribution will also make them realize that there are people that still care about them and always standing by them no matter what happen.

Contribution can be made through Aman Palestin Berhad by visiting their website www.amanpalestin.org.

    • We have no other choices, hence helping them is compulsory (wajib)

    • Dr Yusuf Qardhawi in an Ulama’ seminar turn out with a fatwa that helping Palestinian people is wajib among the Muslim, not just a Sedeqah anymore.

    • We have to ensure that we are not contributing to Israel without realyzing it.

    “There will always be among my people who will fight alongside virtue, challange and battle their enemies. Their enemies cannot bring harm to them until Allah give His judgement. They will always stay the same.” And then Sahabahs asked,” Where are they?”, Rasullulah answered, In Baitul Maqdis and around it”-Riwayatul Bukhari

    "Whoever equipped a mujahiddin, he is also a mujahiddin" –Hadith Rasulullah s.a.w

    May Allah will reward all our deeds as amal soleh that will be accepted by HIM

    “Lets fight alongside the Palestinian”


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